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June 16th, 2011

Model on pictures: Tom
Model on pictures: James

Photo Credits - carl proctor photos
I lived in California for 8 months doing the acting/modeling. I came back to Georgia about 6 months ago. Before moving to California I had training in modeling in Georgia for a year. Appeared in a catalogue and 2 movies. I want to further my career.

I think the best way to describe my work would be to say that I try to bring out something real from my models, and I like to challenge people’s views on what is art. My heroes are photographers like Herb Ritts, Jean Baptiste Mondino and I also admire Ev Dylan, WagnerLA, Alejandro Caspe, Paul Reitz and John Revisky.
Check out my website below to see more of my work:

About me…. Well, I’ve been into photography since I was 12 years old and always been interested in portraiture and contemporary photography, I think that came from my love of music and liking album artwork.
I’ve been running my own website for about 6 years and I’m currently working on an art book, which I’ll be self publishing later this year. The book is called “The Age of Man” and explores masculinity and different aspects of man (Strength, sexuality, emotion etc)

My inspiration comes from lots of different places and I really enjoy the creative process, generating ideas and collaborating with my models as much as possible so at the end of the shoot everyone is happy with the results.

I grew up in Sacramento, CA in a family of six kids. I am number four and the first born son. We were raised to work hard and earn everything you have. Every summer from the time I was eight years old, my dad would take me to work with him while he built custom houses. I learned the value of a dollar and how hard you had to work to put food on the table for a family of eight.

When I was 16, my 15 year old brother and I both did home school for one semester while working with my dad. This was when we started training together in the gym. We started experimenting with weight lifting, not knowing what we were doing but we both were inspired to be fit and look big. I continued lifting weights through high school, playing sports, and striving for the perfect body. After high school my parents, and eventually my whole family, moved away. I decided to stay, but made sacrifices to support myself all on my own, like not working out. I had no help from anyone so I worked multiple jobs and did grueling work just to pay the rent.

A few years later I was on the job and fell, dislocating my rotator cuff. The doctor gave me the option to do surgery or physical therapy. I chose physical therapy which began my quest to develop the ultimate body and strength. I remember three words that helped me stay focused; determination, dedication, and discipline. The three D’s. I was determined to become the best of the best, dedicated to giving fitness my all, and disciplined enough to set and achieve my own standards. That is how I got to the fitness level I am now. If I could thank one person for helping me achieve my goal it would be my workout partner of the last seven years. He taught me more than I ever knew about body building and the correct eating lifestyle.

I am a very confident person who is always motivated by a new challenge and opportunities that come my way. I have a very professional work ethic and put my work first, while maintaining a fun attitude. I’m very much enjoying the fitness modeling industry and seeking to collaborate with superior photographers! Note: I stay in this physique (or better) all year, 365days of hard work! If you are interested in working with me, please send me a message via here or email me at: tylernashmodel@gmail.com

SunnyUK Phototography

Hi My Name is Jeff but Everyone calls me Jazz or Jazzy, the names just stuck now.I am 25 years old. I have finished university studying Education with Psychology. I have always wanted to be a Model/Actor so I have decided to pursue it; I am very goal orientated and a very hard worker. When I âm not looking for agents I âm in the gym either fight coaching of personal training. I live In London in a town called Woolwich. At the moment I work as a fight coach for my local gym as I used to compete in light weight competitions I now coach pre seasoned fighters for Mixed Martial Arts competitions ( cage fighting) this job is very flexible and helps pay my way to pursue my goal. I am single and willing to travel abroad.

I have experience in amateur Modelling/ acting. I have worked in a couple of low funded productions for pilot commercials, universities and small companies. I am a very hard worker and always accomplish my goals. I can work under pressure and very comfortable with improvisation, I am fun to work with and grown a custom to the fast pace of the industry. I am always looking for work opportunities. I am still relatively new in this biz and I am looking for an opportunity to branch out.

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